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Stanley Baxter

About Stanley

Stanley Baxter was born in Ontario and has always had a talent for creating custom artwork.  After years of creating sculptures and hand-carved masterpieces, he started on with Global Exteriors. This gave him an edge in the industry and luxury homes that next-level feel. He kept making paintings and sculpting over the next few years. His style was formed and this led him to an apprenticeship at Primal Tattoos, where his skills took off and he focused full time on tattooing. He was offered a job at Five Diamonds Tattoo and excelled with his own clients. He now does all types of art and over the past 4 years has created beautiful paintings that adorn the shop. It’s no wonder Stan has so many 5 star reviews and is well known in the Okanagan, with clients travelling from all over Canada to get a unique, custom-drawn piece of artwork only they will have. He is a true artist and a people person.

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